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Jeffrey R. Mack DMD PA | Sterilization in Williamstown

Jeffrey R. Mack DMD PA

Family Dentistry


1085 North Black Horse Pike Suite 3
Williamstown, NJ 08094
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Keeping a clean working environment and sterilized dental instruments is of utmost importance to our practice.

Our treatment rooms are meticulously scrubbed and disinfected between patient visits to assure the next patient has a fresh, clean area for their dental experience. Surface disinfectants and plastic covers are used so you can rest assured that the operatory is clean and sanitary.

Our non-disposable instruments, handpieces (drills) and even some cotton products are sterilized using an AUTOCLAVE. An autoclave is a chamber in which wrapped or bagged instruments are placed. The chamber is flooded with distilled water and then  sealed. A heater is activated, the water is turned to steam, and the chamber is pressurized. This creates an environment in which the air is supersaturated with steam, which penetrates the wrapping around the instruments. Bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. are killed, and the instruments are sterilized. They remain in their sealed wrapping until ready for use on one patient. After their use, the instruments are cleaned, wrapped, and sterilized again. Of course, any cotton products would be disposed of after use.

When practical, we use disposables which do not transmit any "germs" from patient to patient. All our cotton products, application brushes, polishers finishers, etc. even our BURS (drill bits) are used for one patient, then disposed of. Needles, cartridges of anesthesia which have been emptied or partially used are disposed of as "sharps" and are transported off site for treatment so as not to impact the local enviromnent.

Of course, when treating patients, we wear gloves. Because of the large number of people who are allergic to LATEX, we do NOT use LATEX gloves. Our gloves are NITRILE gloves, and should be of no problem to those allergic to Latex or most other medical materials. . If the gloves are at all contaminated or ripped, or if we leave the treatment environment, we will put on a new pair. There are often times that we change gloves 4-5 times during a procedure. This is, again, for your benefit.

You may also see us wearing masks. These are, again, to keep you from  being exposed to any airborne bacteria that our staff might otherwise spread.

If you have any specific questions regarding our sterilization procedures or equipment, do not hesitate to ask any of our caring staff. We are here to keep your dental experience as stress free as possible.

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